Mortuary Lift Products Shown on Episode of "The Bachelor," and on KCRG Newscast

Cedar Rapids, IA, March 2011 – When the February 21 episode of ABC's "The Bachelor" aired, Mortuary Lift Company president Katie Hill was not tuned in. Soon, however, colleagues, vendors, friends, her mom and other family members began phoning and emailing her. Wasn't that her Ultimate 1000(TM) lift they saw on this highly rated network reality show? Indeed it was.

In the episode, Shawntel Newton, a licensed funeral director and embalmer – one of the show's four remaining hopeful women – takes bachelor Brad inside her world to her family's business, Newton-Bracewell Funeral Homes and Chico Memorial Mausoleum, both in Chico, California. It is in the prep room that the Ultimate 1000(TM) lift made its television debut, appearing several times.

"I was surprised our Ultimate 1000 was on network television – and that so many people saw it, recognized it and contacted me," remarks Hill. "Shawntel is a perfect example of why lifts are becoming almost mandatory for funeral service providers. How can she be expected to do the heavy lifting that's required? Even the lightest cases are 125 pounds." With the increasing percentage of women working in death-care, as well as the national trend of larger height and weight across the U.S. population, assistance is needed to lift and move remains.

Katie Hill personally identifies with the particular challenge to women. Coincidentally, Mortuary Lift Company began because of her need when she was a funeral practitioner. "I needed a lift and couldn't find one to purchase. So my dad made one for me," explains Hill. Today the company enjoys 20% annual growth, and In 2010 sold more than 100 units in the U.S. and abroad.

The episode of "The Bachelor" brought unexpected exposure, but it was not the sole media coverage. In January, the products of Cedar Rapids-based Mortuary Lift were featured on a newscast of the hometown ABC affiliate, KCRG. To demonstrate the changes that increasing obesity brings to the funeral industry, a KCRG reporter interviewed Hill along with John Linge, president of Cedar Memorial Funeral Home, who spoke of the Mortuary Lift equipment as "a real back saver that has significantly enhanced the safety of employees." He speaks with the experience of having used the lift for 12 years. The Cedar Rapids "Gazette" also featured Mortuary Lift in a January article.

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