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Preneed Vision

Pre-need sales Prospecting vs. Presenting

Pre-need Sales Prospecting vs. Presenting. It's a constant balancing act that every Advance Funeral Planning Professionals must master in order to survive and flourish in the funeral pre-planning profession. Spend too much time in one area and ultimately your income suffers. Every day it's a continuous struggle, pulling you in two diverse directions. What can you do to keep your sales prospecting and sales presenting activities in harmony and balance? Here are some constructive suggestions that will help you.

The new reality for independent funeral directors: The big boys are tough competition...

A decade ago, many independent funeral-home owners were practically begging a public consolidator to acquire a nearby firm. The boastful taunts took on a familiar tone: "The best thing that every happened to my firm was SCI buying my competition. Now, half the families that used to go there come to my funeral home."

3 key preneed questions facing funeral service today

At the kind invitation of International Order of the Golden Rule (OGR), I will be presenting an audioseminar/webinar later today – Thursday, July 19 – entitled "Funeral Service Update/Current Issues." OK, so I could have probably angled for a more imaginative title, but at least it's clear what I'll be talking about – and I can't wait to discuss today's trends and recent news developments with the service-minded, business-savvy members of OGR, which I believe is offering some of the best educational content in the profession.

What will you do to grow your advance sales during the next 12 months?

It's important to work on your business not just in your business. Sometimes it takes an outsider's advice to help get you on the right strategic track. Do you want your funeral home to do better during the past 12 months than in the past year? Do you want new families in your client base, strengthening your funeral home financially and increasing its role in the community? Some might focus on last year's negative results and sulk. But I've got a few easy-to-implement marketing strategies that might help.

That Damn Guarantee: How to just say no to an unneccesary, money-losing promise

Preneed is a simple matter. You allow or encourage a person to preplan their funeral. This isn't rocket science. There are 2.3 million funerals a year performed with all levels of planning. Preneed is a simple matter. Where we screw it up is with the funding. We make this simple procedure and request complicated by:

What is a preneed perspective and why is it important to your firm?

For almost 10 years I published Preneed Perspective as a monthly newsmagazine. During the past 3 years it has taken a hiatus for many reasons. Now it returns. If you start to follow this feature monthly at FuneralWire.com, then you will understand what a preneed perspective is. You can then choose to adapt this perspective in full or in part, or ignore it totally. A preneed perspective is a simple matter. Every funeral director and funeral home owner today has an 'at-need perspective' (ANP), but only about 10% have a preneed perspective ('PP').

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