Privacy Policy

Aldor Solutions and our licensed funeral provider firms and affiliates ("Network Members") are committed to private and confidential communications between family members and those friends and relatives touched by an end-of-life event. We are also sensitive to concerns about preserving the privacy of visitors to websites we provide, including those of funeral firms and families ("Aldor Sites").These sites include FXMileStones, LifeFiles, MemorialCast,and other publicly available sites we offer as part of our service offerings ("Aldor Services").

Personal Identifying Information

When a user makes a purchase on an Aldor Site, we will collect the appropriate financial and billing information. Credit card information is not stored by the Aldor Solutions system. We may collect other information such as IP address (your computer's unique signature), visiting domain information, and browser type. This information is used to test the effectiveness of our marketing campaigns and to provide better service to our users.

Any database of personal identifying information and other relevant information collected by Network Members and Aldor Solutions is, and will remain, the property of Aldor Solutions and the licensed originating Network Members. No personal identifying information will be revealed or sold to anyone without the consent of the visitor. People who purchase Aldor Services online or from Network Members also have a usage license for the duration of their subscription to the information onntained in the related data files.

"Opt-in" or Permission-Based Marketing

Aldor Solutions is committed to the privacy of visitors to Aldor Sites. Aldor Solutions is a proponent of "opt-in" marketing. This form of marketing puts the user in complete control of whether he/she will view or receive information about, or elect to purchase, a product or service. Visitors to and its related sites will not be confronted with unsolicited advertising or marketing material. Aldor Solutions utilizes "opt-in" features. When a visitor to and Aldor Site voluntarily elects to receive information on one or more subjects, he/she will click on the subject matter and receive an email or information from a provider selected by Aldor Solutions. If at a later date the visitor wants to stop receiving information from a provider, he/she can unsubscribe (i.e. "opt-out") by email. Visitors to a Network Member's Web site will be able to access this "opt-in" feature by clicking on the Aldor Solutions component of the Web site and going to the Aldor Solutions Advisor. All "opt-in" marketing data collected from visitors to Aldor Sites remains the property of Aldor Solutions , its partners and affiliates.

Information provided by a visitor to Aldor Sites, or otherwise provided in his/her voluntary pursuit of other "opt-in" opportunities constitutes permission-based marketing data and Aldor Solutions or our Network Member will use it only for the specific purpose indicated by the visitor. By voluntarily participating in the "opt-in" features, the visitor consents to the use of this data, including Personal Identifying Information, for the intended purpose of the "opt-in" opportunity.

Network Transactional Data

All information about the purchase of products or services, excluding Personal Identifying Information, i.e. "Network Transactional Data", will belong to Network Members, the vendors and Aldor Solutions. Each party can use such information for its own purposes.

All Aldor Solutions Network Members agree to allow Aldor Solutions to collect, store, edit, analyze or publish Network Transactional Data. For example, Aldor Solutions may decide to share the data with Network Members for the benefit of Network Members. Aldor Solutions may choose to publish the Network Transactional Data in an on-line Network Newsletter to communicate Network effectiveness and Member experiences. Aldor Solutions may also decide to post some Network Transactional Data on Network Bulletin or Message Boards, or make it available in on-line forums accessible to Network Members through Member Web site Admin areas.

Network Member Data

Aldor Solutions considers each Network Member special and unique; therefore, all details of all matters exclusively between Aldor Solutions and an individual Network Member will not be shared and will remain confidential.

Changes to Privacy Policy and Use of Personal Identifying Information

If at some time in the future there is a change to our information practices that affects how we use your Personally Identifiable Information, we will notify you by email of the relevant changes. These changes will also be reflected in our Privacy Policy which may be amended from time to time and posted on our site.

Aldor Control

This privacy policy applies only to information in the exclusive control of Aldor Solutions. Network Members are solely responsible to follow the requirements of this policy, and only if posted on their related website. Neither Aldor Solutions or its affiliates guarantee the performance of any other person or business entity.

Contact Information and Corrections to Your Information

If you would like to update, correct, or deactivate your personal identifying information, or if you would like to contact us for any reason, please email us at You may also call us at (866) 230-0800 or write us at Aldor Solutions, 1647 Witt Rd, Ste 201, Frisco, TX 75034. We welcome your suggestions about how we can improve our privacy practices.