Sanibel, FL- The results have been tabulated. Over 800 Exclusive VFMC Providers in 45 states participated. The total number of old cell phones collected from May 2009, when CPFS began tracking the collections, thru December 2009, is six thousand, two hundred, forty four (6,244). This translates into nearly half a million (500,000) free calling time minutes for our heroes overseas.

"Our strategic partnership with Cell Phones for Soldiers continues to be a tremendous success" said Mark Davis, CEO & founder of Veterans & Family Memorial Care. "Our nationwide network of over 800 family owned funeral homes are committed to giving every soldier serving overseas a much needed connection to their loved ones back home. Many of our Providers have spearheaded the collection drive by enlisting their local VFW, American Legion & Vietnam Veterans of America posts to support the collection effort. They have also invited local hospices, churches, synagogues and other civic groups to participate as well."

The top five funeral home collection centers were Lane Funeral Homes, Youngstown, OH with 934 phones collected, Craig Funeral Home, St. Augustine, FL with 458 phones collected, Bartolomeo & Perotto Funeral Home, Rochester, NY with 300 phones collected, Beecher & Bennett Funeral Home, Hamden, CT with 250 phones collected and Heffner Family Funeral Homes with 249 phones collected.

"Our goal for 2010 is to collect 15,000 old cell phones which will provide one million (1,000,000) FREE calling time minutes for the troops abroad," said Mark Davis. Here are some comments from two just 2 of the over 800 VFMC Providers.

"Did I tell you that Fr John at Holy Rosary likes our phone collection so much he is doing it at the church for us and bringing us phones. He announces every week that we are doing it and to bring in donations.""It's a great example of how our efforts all of the sudden pay off....having a priest remind parishioners on a weekly basis...priceless...." Matt Grieco, Grieco Family Funeral Homes "Staff, at least 4 people went out of their way on Friday to stop by and drop off cell phones at both Kenneth Road and Red Lion. One man told Sandy he wanted to get a new phone and I guess this gave him a reason to pitch the old phone! Please take a moment to reflect about those who aren't home this Easter holiday. I'm proud of what we are doing with this project". Ernie Heffner, Heffner Funeral Chapels & Crematory.

As the United States continues to prosecute the War on terror, across the nation, Americans continue to display their pride & patriotism to a degree not witnessed since the World War II era.

Every VFMC public relations and community outreach initiative is designed with one goal in mind, which is to stimulate a response or action. The action is taken by all members of the community, not just veterans. Exclusive VFMC Providers become a catalyst for the community to demonstrate support and appreciation of our veterans and active duty military.

VFMC creates unique opportunities. People visiting a funeral home for reasons other than a funeral have a totally different perspective. Each visitor is an opportunity. They will perceive the funeral home in a totally different light. The VFMC mission is to influence public perception and perception is paramount.

VFMC membership includes an exclusive geographic territory, marketing tools & materials including: brochures, press releases, ad copy, membership certificates, branding recognition, participation in the VFMC Public Relations & Community Outreach programs, a listing & link in the Veterans Funeral Home Directory and much, much more. For information about becoming the Exclusive VFMC Provider in your area please visit or call toll free (877) 770-6791.