Rest In Paint

Jenkintown, PA – January 9, 2009 – Some say a picture is worth a thousand words. Artist Michael Butler creates personal memorial oil paintings that he hopes will trigger a thousand memories for family members and friends to honor their deceased loved ones.

"Art can help heal all kinds of losses," says artist Michael Butler of Jenkintown, Pennsylvania. "For centuries, people have turned to art to provide solace during their most difficult times. Loved Ones Art gives people the opportunity to participate in the creation of an original piece of art using the very essence of their loved one."

Using a unique technique of gently mixing a small portion of cremation ash with oil paint, Michael creates personalized canvases inspired by photographs of memorable places or possessions, provided to him by the family or friends of the deceased. Michael's Pennsylvania Impressionist styled paintings become unique aesthetic elements to a home while evoking everlasting memories which reflect the spirit of someone who's passed away.

Michael suggests, "Cremation enables families to have options to memorialize their loved one. Even if the family chooses to scatter, lay to rest or display their loved one ashes, a painting can be created as well." These special commissioned paintings become the family's lasting tribute for generations to come.

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